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You may be down, but you're not out

Running a restaurant or venue is always hard - but now it's nearly impossible.

Covid has put everyone at risk, slashed revenue, and increased costs in an already difficult industry.

With Perfect Venue's event management tool you'll be ready for the moment private events start rolling in again.

How we can help

Save Time
Perfect Venue automatically does the boring stuff like automatically generate proposals, BEOs, send reminder emails and more - so you don't have to.
Make More Money
Following up with planners has never been easier - which means more money in your pocket.
Have Amazing Events
With all of the details in one place, you can relax knowing that your planners will love their event.
how it works

Streamline and grow your events business

Get started today, no need to talk to sales


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Track events in one place

Leads from your website, calls, and walk-ins all go onto one calendar - no more double bookings! Perfect Venue even syncs with your Google Calendar so your whole team is on the same page.

Send emails 3x faster

With a library of your most commonly used email templates that automatically fill in event information - you're able to send emails 3x faster. Plus all emails are right where you need them, with the event, not lost in your inbox.

Send fast, professional digital proposals

With fast, professional proposals you'll win more deals and stop losing out to the large chains and restaurant groups that already send digital proposals.

Pricing comparison for event management systems

Spreadsheets & Papers
A good starting point for micro businesses
For Micro businesses
Requires multiple tools, not an all-in-one solution
Easy to start, but hard to maintain
No contracts, but the mistakes add up


Pay staff to manage events and lose revenue from mistakes.

Perfect Venue
A simple, but powerful tool for independent restaurants
For independent restaurants
All-in-one solution
Get started today, it's simple and no need to talk to sales
Contract-free, just pay a 2.9% processing fee


Only pay 2.9% processing fee for all cards. No other fees - period.

Recommended :)
A complicated tool for large chains with large budgets
For large chain restaurants
All-in-one solution
A complicated tool that requires training and talking to sales
Annual contracts with setup and subscription fees that add up


Setup fees, Subscription fees, Expensive processing fees (over 3%).

Everything you need to get your events business humming again

Simple, but powerful

No need to talk to sales, get started today
If you want help getting set up, we provide complimentary white-glove setup
Perfect Venue isn't decades old. It's modern and intuitive, requiring little to no training
If you do need help, talk to real people 24/7 to get your questions answered

Save time

Send emails 3x faster using templates and smart fields
Centralized booking calendar that syncs with Google Calendar
Put reminder emails on autopilot with automations
Send professional proposals in just a few clicks
All of the documents you need, are automatically generated (BEOs, Proposals, etc)

Make more money

The Event Tracker ensures no events - big or small - fall through the cracks
Be the first proposal in their inbox and win more events
Use past insights to drive future sales with robust analytics
Easily send timely follow up emails to win more events
Reporting and profit margin tracking make sure you're in the black

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Don't just take our word for it

I used to spend 6 hours a day managing events with a handful of tools. Google Docs/PDFs for proposals, payments were made over the phone, I then had to make sure our Google Calendar was up-to-date and track our analytics in a separate spreadsheet. With Perfect Venue, I cut my time managing events in half. I now only spend about 3 hours a day, have more time for outbound sales and actually feel organized again.
Chris Reyes, Events Director
Before Perfect Venue, I was using Waze to send invoices, a Google Calendar to track of availability, copy-pasting canned email responses from a Google Doc, and creating proposals/BEOs in a Google Doc. It was really stressful, time consuming, and details would often fall through the cracks. I've replaced all of that with Perfect Venue. It saves me so much time, my clients love the digital proposals and I can finally relax!
Kristen Ezakovich, Owner