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What diners in Colorado Springs are saying

Ashley H.
"It was so easy to use! I would definitely use it again, especially when it is busy, it is so much easier to have a reservation."
Marty H.
"We’re trying to be smart about how we navigate through this and some places aren’t really doing anything. I will definitely be back there just because of the way you guys are doing it."
Sydney D.
"The most innovative part about it is paying ahead to reserve your table and have that money to spend towards your tab. It was so quick and easy to follow! Definitely would use it again."
David P.
"One thing I liked was that the reservation system did not require POS processing by the servers. This made things safer for them as well as for the customers."
Phil S.
"I’d be a lot less reluctant to go out if there were more measures like this being put into place."
Clarice B.
"I’ve loved my last two visits with the new reservation system. Nothing could have been better. :) I love that I have a “tab” - helps me budget and I feel taken care of from the moment I walk in the door."

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