Easy to use features to organize your events

It's easy for anyone to get started managing events the smart way with Perfect Venue - saving time and growing your business.

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Streamline your catering & events business

Automate repetitive tasks like making BEOs

Put the life back in work-life balance with automations that take busywork off your plate. Automatically generate and update essential PDFs like BEOs and Proposals, automatically send event reminder emails, and more.

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Send emails 3x faster

With a library of your most commonly used email templates that automatically fill in event information - you're able to send emails 3x faster. Plus, all emails are right where you need them, with the event - not lost in your inbox.

Send professional digital proposals in minutes

With fast, professional proposals, you'll win more deals and stop losing out to larger chains and restaurant groups using expensive CRM software. Getting paid is fast and easy with our secure portal that allows you to collect deposits and payments online.

Instantly know your numbers

Drive decisions and save time preparing for weekly sales meetings with event analytics that automatically update in real-time. Set goals, compare year-over-year sales, and see exactly how much revenue is confirmed and in the pipeline.

Access your events on Mobile, reply on the go

Reply to leads, send proposals, and manage your events business on the go with our mobile friendly web app.

Get started today, it's easy (and fun!)

No one likes learning new and complicated software. That’s why we built an intuitive tool with little-to-no training required. Perfect Venue integrates with other apps that your team is already using, like Google Calendar and Gmail.

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Everything you need to get your business humming

Powerful, but simple

Track tasks across your team so no details are forgotten.
If you're using existing event management software, we migrate all of your data for you.
Perfect Venue isn't decades old. It's modern, cloud-based, and intuitive, requiring little to no training.
If you do need help, talk to real people to get your questions answered.

Save time

Send emails 3x faster using templates and smart fields from your phone or computer.
Centralized booking calendar that syncs with Google Calendar.
Put reminder emails on autopilot with automations.
Send professional proposals in just a few clicks.
All of the docs you need automatically generated (BEOs, Proposals, etc).

Make more money

Allow guests to easily increase their gratuity for great service
Be the first proposal in their inbox and win more events.
Use past insights to drive future sales with robust analytics.
Easily send timely follow up emails to win more events.
Easily upsell clients with menu addons they can select online.

Integrates with your existing tools

Perfect Venue integrates with the tools you use to get leads, accept payments, design floorplans and more.

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