Perfect Venue is designed for managing events, Honeybook is a general CRM

Honeybook is built for entrepreneurs who want to schedule meetings, sign contracts, and accept payments, but doesn't cater to restaurants who create BEOs, need detailed reporting, and streamlined client communication.

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Perfect Venue vs Honeybook

While Honeybook works for generic business use cases, Perfect Venue is designed just for restaurants and event venues and is Highest Rated for Venue Management Software on G2.
Perfect Venue
Booking events
Customizable Website Contact Form
Digital Calendar (Including Google Cal Integration)
In-App Emails (Send, Receive, Templates, Automatic Reminders)
Get Paid With Digital Proposals and Charge Card on File After Event
Secure, Online Level 1 PCI Compliant Payments
ACH (Bank) Payments With Lower Fees
Automatically Generate BEOs & Event Docs
Ease of use
Easy to Use Workflows
Workflows not designed for restaurants
Simple, Intuitive Design
Yes, but can be complex to create venue specific documents
Contact Relationship Management Database
Simple Event Analytics & Reports
Yes, but graphs not relevant for all customers, can’t export data
Web App for Your Phone
Multi Person Task Management for a Team of ESMs
All Day Phone Support
Overseas support staff, challenging to get assistance
Dedicated Point of Contact for Support Issues
pricing & SETUP
Free Plan With No Monthly Subscription
7-day Free Trial
No Charge for Additional Users
Up to 2 members, additional fees for more users
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You're in great company

Our restaurant group had been using Gather and were really happy with it. However, when we migrated to Tripleseat, we found the user experience to be overwhelming. We're so glad we found Perfect Venue because it is quick to learn, easy to use, the team has great response time and it’s more affordable. It has also helped us streamline and secure our payment processing and guest experience. We’re so glad we made the switch.
Cameron S.
Sales & Marketing Manager, Restaurant Group
Perfect Venue allowed me to organize and revitalize the Event’s Department for Ivywild. Before Perfect Venue, I juggled multiple email inboxes, Excel, Word, Google Docs, a paper calendar, and Google Calendar. Perfect Venue consolidated all of that and saved me 3 hours a day. It also made it easier for me to capture more guests and increase vital revenue.
Chris R.
Events Director, Event Center
Gather was our sales team's main tool and it was perfect for our needs. We were then told we had to switch to Tripleseat and it was a nightmare. From the migration, to guests getting confused on how to pay, to training our staff on how to use it - it was a mess. The switch to Perfect Venue has been great and surprisingly easy!
Sara R.
Event Sales Manager, Fine Dining Restaurant
I've been an event sales manager at breweries and restaurants for almost a decade. I've used both Tripleseat and Perfect Venue and there is no comparison. I can do the same tasks in Perfect Venue with half the amount of clicks. Perfect Venue is so easy to use that new team members pick it up on their first day with little guidance!
Kristen E.
Catering Sales Manager, Caterer