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Easily accept reservations online with a system built for the Covid era and beyond

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Restaurants • Breweries • Cafés • Bars • Distilleries

You may be down, but you're not out

Running a restaurant or venue is always hard - but now it's nearly impossible.

Covid has put everyone at risk, slashed revenue, and increased costs in an already difficult industry.

With Perfect Venue - you can fight back.

How we can help

Stay open by staying safe
Offer reservations that help prevent waiting guests from congregating, contactless payments and automatically keep a log of guests for contact tracing.
Increase revenue
Give guests peace of mind about your safety measures and reduce no-shows with pre-paid minimums.
Serve guests, not telephones
Remove the headache and cost of accepting reservations over the phone.
how it works

A new process for a new normal

Pricing comparison for reservation systems

Phone & Paper
A good starting point for small businesses
For Small & Micro businesses
Easy to use with little to no training required
Online reservations
Contactless payments
Reduce no-shows with pre-paid minimums


Pay staff to answer and manage the phone and lose revenue from no-shows.

Perfect Venue
Built in 2020 with Covid and an unpredictable future in mind
For growing Small & Medium sized businesses
Easy to use with little to no training required
Online reservations
Contactless payments
Reduce no-shows with pre-paid minimums


Only pay when you make money, with a small processing fee of <1%. No other fees - period.

Recommended :)
Built decades ago for a more predictable past
For Large business & Fine Dining restaurants
Easy to use with little to no training required
Online reservations
Contactless payments
Reduce no-shows with pre-paid minimums


'Free' for now, but watch out for the setup, termination, subscription and cover fees.

Everything you need to get your business humming again

Covid in mind

Contactless payments & tips
Automatically keep a log of guests for contact tracing
Easily charge a small no-show fee if desired
Capacity management

The essentials

Reservation management (walk-ins too!)
Floorplan timeline view
Digital table map
Multiple floor plans
Analytics & reports

Streamline guest interactions

Text based receipts
Waitlist management
Automatic guest reminders
Guests can modify reservations on their own

Trusted to reopen

Before we reopened, we were concerned we wouldn't find a reservation system that would help us reopen with Covid in mind. Finding Perfect Venue has been such a relief because it has made our life so much easier. In particular, we like that it automatically keeps records for contact tracing and has contactless payments. Our guests have also appreciated the added safety and convenience of contactless payments!
Brittney Myers, GM
With the new capacity limits, we knew that we wanted to start taking reservations to keep our regulars happy and make the most of our limited space – but taking reservations over the phone would tie up our already busy staff. Perfect Venue gives us the ability to easily accept online reservations and make our limited dining experience easy and safe for our guests. It’s been amazing how fast they’ve responded to any feedback or questions we’ve had.
Schaeffer Ware, GM

What guests are saying

Ashley H.
"It was so easy to use! I would definitely use it again, especially when it is busy, it is so much easier to have a reservation."
Marty H.
"We’re trying to be smart about how we navigate through this and some places aren’t really doing anything. I will definitely be back there just because of the way you guys are doing it."
Sydney D.
"The most innovative part about it is paying ahead to reserve your table and have that money to spend towards your tab. It was so quick and easy to follow! Definitely would use it again."
David P.
"One thing I liked was that the reservation system did not require POS processing by the servers. This made things safer for them as well as for the customers."
Phil S.
"I’d be a lot less reluctant to go out if there were more measures like this being put into place."
Clarice B.
"I’ve loved my last two visits with the new reservation system. Nothing could have been better. :) I love that I have a “tab” - helps me budget and I feel taken care of from the moment I walk in the door."

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