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Whether you've been using spreadsheets, Tripleseat or too many sheets to manage your events - we've seen it all. Switching to Perfect Venue will save you time, reduce costly mistakes and increase revenue by being able to send fast, professional proposals.
Cameron S.
sales & marketing Manager
🍲  hospitality group
"Our restaurant group had been using Gather and were really happy with it. However, when we migrated to Tripleseat, we found the user experience to be overwhelming. We're so glad we found Perfect Venue because it is quick to learn, easy to use, the team has great response time and it’s more affordable. It has also helped us streamline and secure our payment processing and guest experience. We’re so glad we made the switch."
Billeigh H.
events manager
🍺  brewery
"Perfect Venue is critical to helping me stay organized and on top of my leads. I love the ability to sync calendars with management, automatically generate costs, as well as reports to meet goals and deadlines. Getting setup on Perfect Venue was much easier than expected as they did everything for me. They've also been really responsive and even added one of the features I requested the first week I started using it!"
Bonnie N.
events manager
🍺  brewery
"Working with Perfect Venue has been a great experience from the start. Perfect Venue is the third event booking system that our team has used and it is the best one by far. Our brewery is a single location with multiple booking options. We have two event coordinators and Perfect Venue works great for us. The onboarding process was super easy and everything was set up for us. Using Perfect Venue is simple and intuitive, it also has all of the tools we need for a streamlined event booking process. We had an issue with one of our template attachments and they were very helpful with resolving the glitch quickly."
Karen L.
special events director
🍲  restaurant
"We had been using Bentobox's event management add-on to manage our events, but we quickly outgrew it because it didn't have a calendar, the ability to email guests, or send automatic reminders. Perfect Venue has been a huge timesaver and is so easy to use. Switching to Perfect Venue was truly a "white glove experience" as they moved over all of our data and went much better than expected."
Chris R.
events director
🎉  event center
"Perfect Venue allowed me to organize and revitalize the Event’s Department for Ivywild. Before Perfect Venue, I juggled multiple email inboxes, Excel, Word, Google Docs, a paper calendar, and Google Calendar. Perfect Venue consolidated all of that and saved me 3 hours a day. It also made it easier for me to capture more guests and increase vital revenue."
Sara R.
Event Sales Manager
🍲  restaurant
"Gather was our sales teams' main tool and it was perfect for our needs. We were then told we had to switch to Tripleseat and it was a nightmare. From the migration, to guests getting confused on how to pay, to training our staff on how to use it - it was a mess. The switch to Perfect Venue has been great and surprisingly easy!"
Kristen E.
catering sales manager
🌮  restaurant
"I've been an event sales manager at breweries and restaurants for almost a decade. I've used both Tripleseat and Perfect Venue and there is no comparison. I can do the same tasks in Perfect Venue with half the amount of clicks. Perfect Venue is so easy to use that new team members pick it up on their first day with little guidance!"
Keena F.
venue director
🎉  event center
"Incorporating Perfect Venue into the management system of our event venue has been a wonderful time saver and has allowed us to better track our events. The platform is constantly improving and the customer service is unbeatable! We highly recommend this platform!"
Elise F.
operations & events director
🍲  restaurant
"We had been outdated in how we approached and tracked our events. Our system was a lot of work to maintain, easy to make mistakes, and we didn't collect deposits because it was a hassle. With Perfect Venue, everything is now organized in one place and we can now easily and securely accept deposit payments online. Another great thing about Perfect Venue is how wonderful they are to work with - their customer service is top notch!"

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Easily respond to inquiries and add new events on the go

Making the switch is easy

If you're currently using other event management software, the switch to Perfect Venue is surprisingly easy. From transferring events to menu items and policies - we got you!

Easy to Use Mobile App

Send emails, send & update proposals, add events and more on the go.

No Training Required

You'll save weeks every year not having to train your new GM or Sales Manager on how to use Perfect Venue.

White Glove Migration

Our white glove migration ensures every past and present event detail transfers over to Perfect Venue.

Designed for Online Payments

Easily & securely accept payments and issue refunds. All payments are processed automatically, with no invoices.

Perfect Venue integrates
with your existing tools

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How Perfect Venue streamlines your catering & events business

Automate repetitive tasks like making BEOs

Put the life back in work-life balance with automations that take busywork off your plate. Automatically generate and update essential PDFs like BEOs and Proposals, automatically send event reminder emails, and more.

Download Free BEO Template

Send emails 3x faster

With a library of your most commonly used email templates that automatically fill in event information - you're able to send emails 3x faster. Plus, all emails are right where you need them, with the event - not lost in your inbox.

Send fast, professional digital proposals

With fast, professional proposals, you'll win more deals and stop losing out to the large chains and restaurant groups already sending digital proposals. Getting paid is fast and easy with digital proposals that allow you to collect deposits securely online.

Instantly know your numbers

Drive decisions and keep the boss happy with event analytics that automatically update in real-time. Choosing between flying blind or wasting hours exporting spreadsheets is a thing of the past.

Get started today, it's easy (and fun!)

Learning new, complicated software sucks. That’s why we built an intuitive tool with little-to-no training required. Perfect Venue integrates with other apps that your team is already using, like Google Calendar and Gmail.

Download Free BEO Template

Everything you need to get your business humming

Powerful, but simple

Track tasks across your team so no details are forgotten.
If you're using existing event management software, we migrate all of your data for you.
Perfect Venue isn't decades old. It's modern, cloud-based, and intuitive, requiring little to no training.
If you do need help, talk to real people to get your questions answered.

Save time

Send emails 3x faster using templates and smart fields from your phone or computer.
Centralized booking calendar that syncs with Google Calendar.
Put reminder emails on autopilot with automations.
Send professional proposals in just a few clicks.
All of the documents you need, are automatically generated (BEOs, Proposals, etc).

Make more money

Allow guests to easily increase their gratuity for great service
Be the first proposal in their inbox and win more events.
Use past insights to drive future sales with robust analytics.
Easily send timely follow up emails to win more events.
Easily upsell clients with menu addons they can select online.

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