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Whether you've been using spreadsheets, docs or Tripleseat to manage your events, switching to Perfect Venue will save you time and increase revenue.

Cameron S.
sales & marketing Manager
ūüć≤ ¬†hospitality group
"Our restaurant group had been using Gather and were really happy with it. However, when we migrated to Tripleseat, we found the user experience to be overwhelming. We're so glad we found Perfect Venue because it is quick to learn, easy to use, the team has great response time and it’s more affordable. It has also helped us streamline and secure our payment processing and guest experience. We’re so glad we made the switch."
Karen L.
special events director
ūüć≤ ¬†restaurant
"We had been using Bentobox's event management add-on to manage our events, but we quickly outgrew it because it didn't have a calendar, the ability to email guests, or send automatic reminders. Perfect Venue has been a huge timesaver and is so easy to use. Switching to Perfect Venue was truly a "white glove experience" as they moved over all of our data and went much better than expected."
Billeigh H.
events manager
ūüć≤¬†¬†hospitality group
"Perfect Venue is critical to helping me stay organized and on top of my leads. I love the ability to sync calendars with management, automatically generate costs, as well as reports to meet goals and deadlines. Getting setup on Perfect Venue was much easier than expected as they did everything for me. They've also been really responsive and even added one of the features I requested the first week I started using it!"
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Keena F.
venue director
ūüéČ ¬†event center
"Incorporating Perfect Venue into the management system of our event venue has been a wonderful time saver and has allowed us to better track our events. The platform is constantly improving and the customer service is unbeatable! We highly recommend this platform!"
Elise F.
operations & events director
ūüć≤ ¬†restaurant
"We had been outdated in how we approached and tracked our events. Our system was a lot of work to maintain, easy to make mistakes, and we didn't collect deposits because it was a hassle. With Perfect Venue, everything is now organized in one place and we can now easily and securely accept deposit payments online. Another great thing about Perfect Venue is how wonderful they are to work with - their customer service is top notch!"
Sara R.
Event Sales Manager
ūüć≤ ¬†restaurant
"Gather was our sales teams' main tool and it was perfect for our needs. We were then told we had to switch to Tripleseat and it was a nightmare. From the migration, to guests getting confused on how to pay, to training our staff on how to use it - it was a mess. The switch to Perfect Venue has been great and surprisingly easy!"
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