BentoBox builds great websites, Perfect Venue creates great events

BentoBox does have an event add-on, but unfortunately it doesn't contain the features needed to scale your events business.

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Perfect Venue vs BentoBox Event Tool

We have many customers using BentoBox and Perfect Venue to create a beautiful website and event experience.
Perfect Venue
Booking events
Contact Form
Digital Calendar (Including Google Cal Integration)
In-App Emails (Send, Receive, Templates, Automatic Reminders)
Get Paid With Digital Proposals and Charge Card on File After Event
Secure, Online Level 1 PCI Compliant Payments
ACH (Bank) Payments With Lower Fees
Automatically Generate BEOs & Event Docs
Yes, but documents more focused on hotels
Ease of use
Easy to Use Workflows
Simple, Intuitive Design
Yes, but features are very limited. UI looks great
Contact Relationship Management Database
Simple Event Analytics & Reports
Yes, but very limited since all source data comes from website
Web App for Your Phone
Multi Person Task Management for a Team of ESMs
All Day Phone Support
Dedicated Point of Contact for Support Issues
pricing & SETUP
Free Plan With No Monthly Subscription
No, only available for Bentobox customers
Integrations, 1-1 Implementation & Data Entry for Paid Plans
No Charges for Additional Events
Don't Charge for Additional Users
Create a Free Account Today (Demo Optional)
No, only available for Bentobox customers
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