Perfect Venue vs Gather in 2021

Unfortunately Gather is no longer an option for event management software because they were effectively acquired by Tripleseat.

If you're an existing Gather customer exploring your options - we think you'll love Perfect Venue! Perfect Venue has many of the same features you know and love at a more affordable price.

Check out the below comparison to see for yourself.
Perfect Venue
Booking events - Very Similar
Website Contact Form
Digital Calendar (Including Google Cal Integration)
In-App Emails (Send, Receive, Templates, Automatic Reminders)
Get Paid With Digital Proposals and Charge Card on File After Event
Secure, Online Level 1 PCI Compliant Payments
Instant Event Profit Estimate
Automatically Generate BEOs & Event Docs
Ease of use - Somewhat Different
Simple, Intuitive Design
Contact Relationship Management Database
Event Analytics & Reports
Seperate iPhone/Android App
No (But the app still works great on phones!)
Multi Person Task Management for a Team of ESMs
No (Tasks not included)
All Day Phone Support
pricing & SETUP - very different
Pay-Per-Use Plan
No (Thousands dollars/year)
Subscription Plan Includes Unlimited Locations
No (Additional Cost)
Don't Charge for Additional Users
Create a Free Account Today (Demo Optional)
No (Demo Required)
Get Started Today (No CC Required)
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Perfect Venue allowed me to organize and revitalize the Event’s Department for Ivywild. Before Perfect Venue, I juggled multiple email inboxes, Excel, Word, Google Docs, a paper calendar, and Google Calendar. Perfect Venue consolidated all of that and saved me 3 hours a day. It also made it easier for me to capture more guests and increase vital revenue.
Chris Reyes, Events Director
Before Perfect Venue, I was using Waze, Google Calendar, PDFs, Google Docs and a Notes app to track events. It was really stressful, time consuming, and details would often fall through the cracks. I've replaced all of that with Perfect Venue. It saves me so much time, my clients love the digital proposals and I can finally relax!
Kristen Ezakovich, Business Owner

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