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7shifts is the complete team management platform for restaurants. 7shifts provides tools that help restaurateurs make more profitable decisions, improve team retention, and get operations in order. 7shifts is made for everyone — from FOH to BOH — and is trusted by over 40,000 restaurants and 1 million restaurant pros.

Integration Details

When an event is moved to a Confirmed or Balance Due status in Perfect Venue, the integration will automatically create an event in 7Shifts. The date, start time, and end time will automatically update in 7Shifts if they are changed in Perfect Venue. Deleting an event in Perfect Venue, will delete an event in 7Shifts. Note that it will not backfill events that are already in those statuses so that we don't accidentally create duplicates.

Integration Docs

Create, Link or Clone an event from the Floorplan tab

Go to your event and click the “Floorplan” tab to get started. Create a new event in Merri, link or clone an existing event. All your event details will transfer over.

Share Floorplans automatically in Proposals and BEOs

Your guests can view the Merri floorplans and table designs in the Guest Proposal, and blueprints will display in your BEO.