Globally recognized restaurant reservation and table management system

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Get leads from OpentTable into Perfect Venue

OpenTable is a globally recognized restaurant reservation and table management system. With millions of users, the platform aims to help restaurants better manage their guest experience and reservations.

Partnership Details

When guests submit a private event inquiry through OpenTable, a new lead will automatically be created in Perfect Venue. Visit the integration docs below to see how to appear on OpenTable's event inquiry page!

Integration Docs

Create, Link or Clone an event from the Floorplan tab

Go to your event and click the “Floorplan” tab to get started. Create a new event in Merri, link or clone an existing event. All your event details will transfer over.

Share Floorplans automatically in Proposals and BEOs

Your guests can view the Merri floorplans and table designs in the Guest Proposal, and blueprints will display in your BEO.