Los Angeles, California
Eddie Segura
Event Coordinator

Tell us about your venue

All of our venues are slightly different, but intended to feel like cozy, communal spaces. Our events range from standard reservations with a set menu of up to 24 guests, to a variety of semi- and fully-private options across all of our locations. We really have something for every group size and budget!

How did you previously manage events?

There was two of us going by email, and uploading multiple files to every inquiry and copy and pasting a standard response. Over the past couple of years, we made a lot of improvements - such as our large party guides, that streamline information for buyouts with photos and package information based on capacity and price; and integrated submission forms through our website. We would compile ‘briefs’ for events based on memory and deep diving into email threads. It left a lot of room for errors and lost information. 

How has Perfect Venue helped your process?

From top to bottom - Perfect Venue has completely altered the way our team and our stores are able to keep track of events, communicate with our guests and amongst ourselves, and ultimately provide the most consistent information in a timely manner! We joke about how we could’ve done events without Perfect Venue for so long! 

What’s your favorite Perfect Venue feature?

For the events team at Bacari, I would say the templates have been a game changer for us! It’s so easy and convenient for us to respond to all our different kind of inquiries by the click of a button - and a huge time saver! The notes are also helpful for us to keep track of small details and conversations that might’ve happened in person or over the phone. 

What’s something fun & unique about your events program?

I would say that our events program surpasses others because of how flexible we are and how many options we offer. I don’t know how many other restaurants that allow group reservations the way we do. We treat our large groups like family, when other restaurants treat them as inconveniences - if they take them at all! We also have super competitive pricing :-)

What’s your most popular package or menu item?

For groups over 15 guests, we ask guests to set up a set menu. These start at $40 per person for a 8 item, 4 course menu. Our guests can choose to tack on a two hour open bar from a variety house beverages or order drinks a la carte. Since we take so many groups, this is a great deal that we do so many of per week!! As for the most popular menu item - it’s hard to say since we have so many great options. The most difficult part for our guests doing the set menu is to settle on which 8 items to choose! 

Anything else you want to share?

Anything else you want to share?

 Something special about Bacari is that we have locations all over the Los Angeles area, and each store is its own and has it’s own pricing based on location - so when we say we have something for everyone, we mean we have something for everyone, anywhere in LA! There’s a Bacari within 30 minutes of almost every neighborhood - that’s really unique as far as restaurants go, unless it’s a chain! Perfect Venue helps us easily transfer information for guests from location to location, deepening on what they’re looking for and which location is more convenient to them!

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